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One Day Without Us first emerged as a Facebook discussion group in 2016. It was started as a way of expressing the alarmingly xenophobic drift of UK politics over the last 12 months; “we had had enough of seeing migrants and foreigners – or simply people who ‘looked and sounded’ foreign – being abused and harassed in our streets and denigrated by politicians” said group founder Matt Carr.

After many months in the making, and with barely any resources, the group have successfully organised a national day of action in support of migrants in the UK. Due to take place in 37 locations, on the 20th February 2017, One Day Without Us has planned over 100 events to highlight their support for EU and non EU migrants in the UK.

Carr continued “By raising awareness and helping to create a national conversation, together we can help to celebrate the contribution that migrants make to our communities across our country and help their voices to be heard.”

During these times of division, it’s more important than ever to stand united; to display solidarity and remind ourselves of the responsibility we have to ensure a brighter future for ourselves and others.

The Us + Them Project fully supports this action, and you should too! To find out more about what’s going on tomorrow around the UK and to find your nearest group, head to the website

One Day Without Us is a national day of action on 20th February 2017 at 1pm, in support of EU nationals and non EU immigrants living, working, and studying in this country.

“We are millions. Let us stand together and show it.”



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