After The Jungle, What Next?
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On the 23rd October 2016, the Jungle camp at Calais was demolished. Thousand of people displaced by war, famine and religious persecution were ordered to give up on their dreams of something more, packed up onto buses and moved, again.

What will happen next is largely unknown but one thing is certain: the way we choose to act now will be something future generations will judge us by.

You may feel as though the refugee crisis is so enormous that it’s almost impossible to be able do anything of benefit that can make a difference. What’s more, more often than not, these feelings of apathy and inaction have become encouraged by certain areas of the media.

One of the many purposes of The US&THEM project is to counter the (now mainstream) negative narrative that surrounds the Jungle and the people that have found themselves there.
To act as a reminder that they are people, who deserve to be treated as such.

The way we act in the coming weeks and months will be crucial in setting the tone of how we, as people who can, attempt to solve this current crisis. It will determine whether we continue to view the situation as us vs. them or as something that affects us all.

Whatever happens, make sure you’re on the right side of history.

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